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SOS Events

Bar Association Spaghetti Feed (Poster)


Basque Dinner Nov. 7th (Flyer)


Brew Fest Nov. 8th (Poster)


Chamber Mixer Nov. 20th (Poster)


Flying Blind Nov. 22 (Poster)


SOS Crab Feed Jan 16th (Poster)


SOS Aquatics Swim Team (Flyer)


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Pro's Place September Newsletter

What is Zumba?

It’s the latest craze that has all the A-list Hollywood celebrities shaking their booty and dropping pounds and inches! Our instructor here at SOS Club has her own success story with Zumba- she has lost 40 pounds!!!

No matter your age, shape, physical condition or previous dance experience, anyone can Zumba®!  During this 1 hour high energy cardio class, you will dance to Latin rhythms such as Salsa, Cumbia, Mambo, Merengue, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, and many other international dances from around the world. Zumba® Fitness utilizes the principles of fitness interval training to maximize caloric output and fat burning. It is a mixture of fitness movements with easy to follow dance steps, burning anywhere from 400-1000 calories in an hour!

Come join the hottest dance and exercise craze sweeping the nation!


Licensed Zumba® Fitness Instructor Susan Mize

Saturday Mornings – 9:00 am **Beginning 1/4/2014


**Non Members are welcome $5 per class


Club Hours

Monday through Friday 5am-9pm

Saturday and Sunday 6am-8pm

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Mon - Fri  4pm - 9pm
Sat - Sun 2pm - 8pm

RiverView Cafe                 

Mon/Thr 5pm - 8:45pm

Sunday 10am - 3pm
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SOS Club Newsletter

November 2014 (click here)

Upcoming Events

November 7 Baque Dinner
November 8th Brewfest
November 17th Spaghetti Feed
November 22nd Flying Blind





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